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Monday, October 1, 2012

Three beliefs that will change the world...

I frequent a debate website known as While perusing its pages for mind food, I saw a forum post wherein someone was sharing a thought experiment. In this experiment, the user asked this: if we had the opportunity to state three and only three sentences that everyone in the world accepted as true and unquestionable, what would they be? Further, he asked how these beliefs would lead to vast improvements.

Now, do not let me fool you into thinking that I have the best three sentences. I would like to think, however, that the three sentences I will suggest here are at least better than most.
1. Christianity is true
2. Ecumenism is incredibly healthy and important
3. Violence is not an option
As for the second aspect of this thought experiment, let me briefly explain why I think this would lead to improvements and what the immediate and long term ramifications might be.

1. Christianity is True

I did not simply choose Christianity because I think it represents the best way to live and the most accurate worldview. First, I think that an entire group united under a single, unquestionable ideology would lead to far less dissension, grumbling and political unrest. Now, some may rightly point out that the United States is (though it is statistically declining) a Christian nation and it still has no shortage of all the worst things in humanity. Hate, violence, dissension and all manners of unrest are not placated by Christianity. But I think this is largely due to the fact that any notion of the US being a Christian nation is a farce. Most Americans are Christian in name only. Most of these Christians, then, do not really operate under an unquestionable belief that Christianity is true. If they did, the world would look differently.

Moreover, I chose Christianity to represent this ideology because I also value truth, and, as it happens, I believe very strongly that Christianity is true. It would not sit right with me to propose three false sentences for people to embrace as true, no matter their positive outcomes.

2. Ecumenism is incredibly healthy and important

Disagreement, however, is part of being human. Thus, as my second unquestionable dictum, I chose ecumenism.

One of the definitions of Ecumenical from Merriam-Websters is:
[P]romoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation
If we learn to expect, respect and value these differences we have even within our united ideology, there will be far less room for the incumbent dangers of disunity. I do not like to worship in a Catholic church, but I can respect that there are those who identify more with it and feel more strongly in favor of some of their doctrines. I do not have to agree with every detail to embrace them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

3. Violence is not an option

Lastly, for safe measures, I included the dictum that violence is not an option. If unity under a single ideology and the embrace of individual differences is not enough to prevent malevolence, hatred and the decadence of a human heart bent towards the rapine of the helpless, then hopefully the explicit and unquestionable belief that violence is never an option will.

I think world peace would be the short term ramification and a global, prosperous community wherein all are well fed and clothed and enjoy the love of one another is the long term ramification. It will be then that God can look upon the earth and say once more, "it is good."

What sentences would you offer?