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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feminism's failure to draw conclusions

When perusing through a few different news articles, I came upon this gem of feminist reasoning left as a comment:
Catholic-run hospitals used to require women coming in for childbirth to sign a statement that required them to acknowledge that in an emergency, should there have to be a choice made between saving the life of the mother or that of the child, the child would be the one to be saved. This was an acknowledgement of the idea that the child really was a "product" of the father (his "seed"), and that the mother was merely the "farrow" in which the seed happened to fall and grow.
This abysmal reasoning is self-evident and requires little by way of pointing it out, but let’s do it anyway. What sort crack does one need to be smoking in order to come to the verifiably errant conclusion that because the doctors would work to save the child’s life even to the point of maternal fatality that they therefore must be misogynistic dunderheads who merely see the woman as a vessel for the father’s seed? That is literally profanity against all reason. What if instead of there being some deep-rooted male hegemony that proliferates within the minds of the medical staff, there is a real and genuine belief that the child is, indeed, a child. Perhaps it has nothing to do with vessels or seeds, but everything to do with the ontological worth of the one seeking to take his or her first breath of air. For those of you with children, look to your child or imagine him or her for a moment. Have you the moral wherewithal to honestly look at your child now, and say, “In a moment of grave crisis, where the choice is your life or mine, I would not hesitate in my choice to eliminate you in order to lessen my own danger.” No sane, thinking or moral person could utter such narcissistic repugnance. Yet these very words are emboldened by the actions of those who would have their own child discarded like petty trash for the sake of their own wellbeing or comfort.

While we know that apparently a feminist has no moral compunction in discarding her own child, it is a little arrogant to think that a Catholic medical staff would share her sentiments. It is at the height of Christian love to lay down your life for those you love, and pray we never forget it. (Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.)