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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creationism in Public Schools

This kind of bogus stuff just hurts Christianity 
Indiana’s public schools would be allowed to teach creationism in science classes as long as they include origin of life theories from multiple religions under a proposal approved Tuesday by the state Senate. 
The Senate passed the bill on a 28-22 vote even though some senators raised questions about the measure’s constitutionality.
Creationism is not science and neither are the origin theories of any other religious faith. (Save that stuff for a comparative religions course.) It's an anti-theory and not in anyway a theory in its own right. Any self-respecting Christian can certainly believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob authored the cosmos and uniquely fashioned humankind in His own likeness. But any self-respecting Christian should also rightly admit that such a belief in not science and should consequently not be taught as science to children. Creationism is NOT the only alternative to the modern evolutionary synthesis. Instead of making a mockery out of Christianity by trying to pass off explicitly religious dogma as science, we should be encouraging schools to be teaching more science. For instance, modern work in the field of intelligent design has fashioned really compelling and alternative theories to the evolutionary synthesis.

If parents do not want their kids to be exposed to Darwinian theory at all, they should avoid the public school system and home-school their children. If they did, their kids would have a higher statistical probability to exceed in life and be successful anyway
The results of those tests demonstrated that on average, home-schooled children regularly outperformed their peers.